Make Your Old Jeans Look New

Published: 12th August 2010
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Its cool day out and you're imagining what to do next in this pleasant weather. It's a rarity that the sun shines so brilliantly that you almost wish it'll never end. It doesn't reek with a burning sensation but warmth that is soothing and joyous. Its summer and yet you've got your favorite pair of jeans on and you know that they're becoming old and warn yet you love them so what to do when you don't want it to always have that old and tired feel. And you know it doesn't always go with a joyous and sunny day. But what does is pairing it off with the right fabric.

Patches may seem like a old wives tale or something your grandmother would suggest but they can add a lot to an outfit. Don't think of it as patches but pieces added to your jeans to bring life into them. And adding the right fabric can do just that. Add a fabric that has a pattern but blends in. You can add pinks, blues, yellows, and even greens. Look for strips. This doesn't take away from your look nor the jeans its self. If you find other pattern useful such as flowers or swirly designs that can work as well. Another fact about adding patches to your jeans is to be sure to patch in cotton fabric. Adding other types of material may take away from the feel of them being jeans being that they're already cotton jeans.

Another way to add more flavor to your jeans is believe it or not the blouse or shirt you wear. You jeans can be torn at all angles and levels yet it's the top that matters and makes the jeans a fashion statement. Have you ever seen those gorgeous super models for example in Nordstrom catalog or Victoria Secret with really raggedy jeans but a blouse that is to die for? Well you can have the same effect. One fabric, silk adds a great sense of comfort and individuality. The colors on dyed handmade silk stands out and allows the jeans to look more in there natural form as if they came that way. Even with a pair of jeans that are not worn out you'll find that wearing a silk fabric top adds more taste. Stylish tops and blouses seen on or can be worn in everyday casual wear not taking away from the added ripped jeans feel but adding to it to make it look classic and brand new.

Jeans have come a long way and yet we can continue to add more to them such as patches and silk fabric tops and blouses without creating a different feel other than relaxation and joy for fashion. So with those tips in mind you can enjoy your spring, summer and fall and even winter with these looks. To view more fabric and silk tops and even ideas as to wear with the stylish pieces that you already have visit The summer doesn't have to always be over and with patches and silk fabric a good pair of jeans are good for any season.

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