The Girl with the Green Scarf

Published: 12th August 2010
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What if you were truly a shopaholic and had the slightest impulse to buy anything you felt you "needed"? You didn't have the money yet it was dire and almost imperative that you have that dress that just may go to the clearance rack in about two weeks or that wallet that you swear is cheaper at this particular store. There comes a time in our remote lives dimmed out of the limelight that we don't always envy those celebrities in the limelight but when we see something eye catching it's hard to turn away from it. In movies such as Confessions of Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher, we intrigued with her story of being obsessed and yet still having the money to gain all those unnecessary items and being literally as her best friend described "up to her eye in debt." We don't imagine ourselves in this predicament nor do we think about ever chopping up and frozen block of ice with a high heel to get out a credit card we swore off; but one thing we can't let go of is the sense and the need for style.

Whether we are fashion guru's or just a simple average person who can deal with something just as simple and average just as we are we all have a sense of style. We can't all be fashion designers but it doesn't take much to pick up things such as movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic high priced fashion and style within the biggest names in the celebrity world Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more that we can find around us for a cheaper price. There many sites that receive contributions from movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sex and the City, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Glee, Vampire Diaries and many more. These sites either have actual clothing and accessories that are given to them from the sets. As seen on for example is a website that gets a lot of the wardrobe expendables or things that are given away. And no, they don't necessarily have to have a malfunction but are sincere and legit. Another way to go about finding things you seen in movies is to find similar products. is another example as to where you might find similar scarves and shawls such as the infamous green scarf worn by Isla Fisher also known as Rebecca Bloomwood. You want silk shawls and scarves that are sensual and look just as pricey as the high priced designer pieces. But generally if we are looking for that voluptuous scarf we want it to look exactly like the scarf we seen on TV or if we've felt it we want it to feel the exact same way and it can for a lower price with the help of your search engine. Keep in mind that these sites do have return policies. And don't forget you local area where you might find an Old Navy or Gap or something similar within a mall if you live near one.

And there is also the option of making the prized product yourself! This may sound tedious and a bit overbearing but sometimes a good project in needed to pick up our lives, permitted if we have the time. Maybe this could be a way for you to be relaxed and work on something you want. Fabrics are sold a surprising low cost even at your local Wal-Mart or K-Mart, JoAnne, even a thrift shop you'd be surprised. So don't settle for the high priced designer scarves or shawls or jeans if you don't have that kind of money even as Rebecca Bloomwood character realized the value of needs and wants and how to calm down her urge to purchase the most unnecessary things even though her life truly began with a sweet yet innocent green scarf.

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